My 2014 Oscars Predictions

Today is the day! The Academy Awards are TONIGHT, people! In fact, there’s less than one hour to go before the red carpet and I’m totally gearing up for the best red carpet fashion and crop of award winners we’ve seen in years.

This year, I chose Glitter Guide’s “Printable 2014 Oscars Ballot” as my ballot of choice, mostly because it’s a cutely designed one-page of the top six awards that will be given out during tonight’s show. If you’d like to choose a winner for each award, you can find the official Oscars printable ballot of all awards here.

As I was going through the ballot, trying my hardest to pick a winner for each award, I found myself checking off one, two or even three winners. For some awards, it’s just impossible to pick only one!

So, with that disclaimer, here is my 2014 Oscars Ballot! Continue reading below for my thoughts on who I’ve chosen as the winners.

For a few of the awards I was able to choose obvious winners based off of performances and  previous wins at other award shows this season.

Best Supporting Actor will undoubtedly go to Jared Leto for is moving characterization of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club— plus, he’s already won the Golden Globe, SAG and Critics’ Choice and Independent Spirit Award for this role so he’s definitely the Oscar front-runner.

While all of the Best Supporting Actress nominees are more than worthy, I went with Lupita Nyong’o as the winner. While I’d love to see Jennifer Lawrence walk away with another Oscar to make her wins consecutive, or see June Squibb win her first Oscar at age 84, I think the Academy will recognize Lupita’s performance in 12 Years a Slave. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Lupita has quickly become this year’s breakout star by being a style icon and giving a few adorably charismatic acceptance speeches this award season. She’s basically this year’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Best Directing will likely go to Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity. But, I totally wouldn’t hate Martin Scorsese taking home another Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Best Lead Actress is a total toss-up for me. I’m almost positive Cate Blanchett will win tonight, but I wold love to see Amy Adams win for her role in American Hustle. Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine is definitely worthy, but I could easily argue that Adams’ performance is the best of her career. Plus, Amy Adams is the only woman in this category who has never won before! It’s her time.

I have never had a more difficult time choosing the winner’s for the last two awards: Best Lead Actor and Best Picture.

Best Lead Actor is again, a total toss-up. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey deserve to win and I really cannot decide who’s going to edge out the other. Both won Best Actor Awards at the Golden Globes (in different categories). McConaughey won the SAG and Independent Spirit Award, while DiCaprio walked away with the Critics’ Choice Award. McConaughey may be the winner tonight, but I can’t ignore DiCaprio’s three previous Academy Award nominations and would be absolutely thrilled for Leo to finally get his chance to win this coveted award– and I’m not the only one who’s wondering when Leo will finally win.

And, last  but not least, Best Picture. While I still can’t choose one clear winner, I’ve narrowed the likely choices down to American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street. I’d be happy with any of the three winning, but if Leo doesn’t manage to win the Best Actor trophy he could win his first Oscar as producer of The Wolf of Wall Street, and that would be pretty cool. The recipient of the last award of the night will definitely be a surprise!

Do you agree with my choices? Who do you think will win an Oscar tonight? Comment below.

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