For the Love of (or Lack Thereof) the Game

It’s no secret that sports are just not my thing.

I will almost always argue there is something better to watch than another game or read than another sports news article about the latest draft pick. Sorry, but if you’re not married to Kristin Cavallari or Victoria Beckham or once dated Jessica Simpson, I probably don’t know who you are (and don’t really care).

Team USA wears Ralph Lauren's Olympic Ceremony cardigans. (Photo Credit: Getty)
Team USA wears Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Opening Ceremony cardigans. (Photo Credit: Getty)

But, I will admit– there are just some sporting events that even us sports-impaired can’t ignore (see my previous post about the Super Bowl), and the Winter Olympics is definitely one of those instances.

My roommate, Kristen, has been talking about the Sochi Olympics weeks before it began and in all honesty, I couldn’t help but think how disinterested I was in watching each time she mentioned it.

However, over the last six days, I’ve tuned-in to a ton of events (mostly thanks to Kristen always having it on in our apartment), and have really loved watching.

Of course, one of my favorite parts has been the Olympic fashion. Unlike so many others, I love Ralph Lauren’s designs for Team USA’s apparel. The ceremony cardigan is undeniably cool, regardless of it’s similarities to a Bill Cosby sweater. And Nike’s podium jacket, with its color-changing “USA” on the back and special message to medal-winners on the inside (and even inside one of the pockets!), exemplifies just how awesome it must be to be an Olympian on Team USA.

Watching the Sochi Olympics has also been an interesting study in social media’s undesirable affect on spreading news before things have even aired in the U.S. (hello, failed opening ceremony snowflake) and spoiling the results of countless events. Thank goodness for spoiler shield apps!

Nike's Team USA Podium Jackets. (Photo Credit: Nike)
Nike’s Team USA Podium Jackets. (Photo Credit: Nike)

So, with the good and the bad (#SochiProblems, anyone?) the Olympics are undoubtedly a fun and special event to watch and really reminds us just how small the world can seem when all the sports-obsessed people of the world join together for two weeks every few years.While it was a bummer to learn Shaun White hadn’t managed to medal at all in this year’s men’s halfpipe event (still can’t believe it!), I wouldn’t change social media’s nature at all. We are, after all, a full  ten hours behind Sochi in central time, and most of us would really hate it if we didn’t get those breaking news updates.